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So cute


Daily dose of love quotes here


Daily dose of love quotes here


Reblog if you still have Faith in SasuSaku no matter what.

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I’m sorry but I don’t have a translated version of this, but from the look of it it seems really cute. If anyone wants to take it upon themselves to translate it that would be awesome!



just copy and paste the url above. :D


This is the second part to my first part of the doujin. Sakura is so cute and I actually like her hair like this a lot more than the one in Naruto manga and anime. It would have been cool if they had had an extra episode focused on Sakura and different hairdo’s she could have had. Man that would have been cool. 


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I also uploaded the full version of Lost Nightmare chapter 3 on Tapastic!

I so happy the girl from hearts for sale came back. I love her so much!



title: reach me with your love

rating: K+ 

a/n: It took so fucking long to write this and im so sorry but HERE YOU GO. and feel special, cause i sacrificed mother effin sleep for this. 


“I suppose I’ll have to start with you after all, Naruto.” The words were smooth, breathing calm and collected as he quietly stepped further away from the others. This was it, he knew. The final battle. “…But not here. Let’s go somewhere else.” That didn’t mean he wanted to do it, though. “You know where.”

This was never how he wanted it to end.

“Wait, Sasuke!”

Gritting his teeth, Sasuke closed his eyes and took a few steps forward.

How could he do this to them? Turning on the very people that had never ceased to love him, to believe in him, within a moment’s breath after he no longer had need of their teamwork to beat Kaguya? How could he betray them again, after everything they had just been through? Even when he’d tried not to get attached, there was a warmth that told him of how much he had missed them all. He didn’t want to have to do this to them, especially not after hearing them cheer victory, laughing and smiling as they thought they finally reached the end of it all—as they thought that everything would be back to normal, now.

They didn’t deserve this.

Exhaling quietly, he continued his way onwards—away from his team, away from his second family, away from everything he once, and still, held dear. Away from those who held him back.

Naruto, his best friend; the only person that would ever come close to understanding his pain and suffering, the knucklehead he once used to spend all day belitting, the one person, after Itachi, he’d formed his strongest bond with—the one he found he had no choice but to kill for the price of a better world.

Kakashi, his mentor, who had taught him everything he’d come to know about real, true teamwork—the one who’d also taught him how to use chidori, whom he had once hoped would only be used to protect the ones he loved.

(Oh, how far he had fallen, in his sensei’s eyes.)

And Sakura…

Sasuke clenched his fists a little, mulling his lips into a thin line.


Bowing his head, he took a step forward, and grit his teeth a little. She deserves this less, out of everyone.

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So beautiful!


Naruto 693 

because I cant stop doing the short manga drawing 

Sakura…oh sakura…

SasuSaku DEAD


source: tumblr.com

what a sweet story T.T

Awww it’s so cute I love it. I want SS to be canon so bad. The person who did this is such a great artist. I wish I could draw like that.


Daily dose of love quotes here

We have changed over the years,
but the sparkle in your eyes is as bright as ever,
and my love for you is even stronger.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
In the second half if the comic, when the Gentleman gets the repaired heart, do his eyes change back to normal? I can't tell because I'm on mobile, but it looks like it. I have a theory I may share later, I'm excited for the next part!
sakurachan14 sakurachan14 Said:


Yes, the Gentleman’s eyes changed back to normal when he got his heart back! Empty eyes reflect the lack of heart. I would LOVE to hear all your theories! I have some of my own~ Part 3 will be posted in a few hours. When that’s done I can’t wait to read your reactions and theories! <3

Oh my gosh that’s so true! Everyone that doesn’t have a heart, their eyes are a golden color but once they have one they are dark. That’s so ingenious!